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Dentist in Bedfordshire

Adults - New Patients

Patient Journey

On your first visit we will spend time getting to know you. You will be greeted by our friendly reception team who will check some details with you and get you to fill out various forms.

Once you are ready to be seen, either the dentist or dental nurse will call out your name and show you to your surgery where your coat and belongings will be hung up for you.

The dentist will go through the steps below:

  1. The dentist will check your details with you including your medical history form to ensure that it is safe to carry out any necessary treatment
  2. Given your consent, the dentist will place goggles and a bib over you to start the oral examination. This will incorporate the dentist looking around your mouth calling out various numbers which are specific to your dental requirements. The dentist will also check inside of your cheek and tongue, which is a part of the oral cancer screening. Finally, the dentist will give you an external examination checking your neck and jaw for any unusual conditions. If needed the dentist may also take radiographs which show conditions that you cannot externally see, such as bone loss. Please note, as part of band 1 treatment under the NHS should you not require any further treatment you will be offered a scale and polish if appropriate.
  3. The dentist will then explain the outcome of the examination and take you through any treatment required along with the options that are available to you and the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment as well as the costing and how long each treatment will take. The dentist will endeavour to meet your expectations ensuring that you are happy with your treatment plan. Once you are happy the dentist will then make your next appointment at your convenience.
  4. Once your dentist has fully explained everything to you, you will be given a white slip with your next appointment/charges on it, which you should take to reception along with your treatment plan and medical history form.

Lastly you will hand in all your forms and be given your printed treatment plan to read and sign and make any relevant payments. The receptionist will make you aware we send reminder texts/email regarding your appointment 72hours before and wish you a farewell along with a copy of your treatment plan and appointment card. Should you have any questions or concerns in-between your appointment please do not hesitate to contact us.

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